Your Coach:
Virginia R. Rockwell, VSLD, VCH

Certified horticulturalist,
Landscape designer, Permaculturalist

Garden Coaching ("instant garden design") takes place one-on-one between the designer and the client, on site. In a three-hour initial landscape design consultation, we will assess the garden and create a rough sketch or list of next steps and recommended plants to realize your vision.

Garden Coaching is perfect for:
  • Working on a specific focused area in your garden;
  • Preparing a house to sell;
  • New homeowners getting a fresh start on their garden; or
  • The gardener who just doesn't know where to start!

Coaching helps the experienced gardener gain a designer's perspective. You'll need to consider what inspires you, your budget, and maintenance.

Autumn and winter are excellent times to assess the garden's "bones," design for year-round interest, and get contractors scheduled to install. Spring is usually booked in advance for contractors and designers.

We also offer workshops and speaking engagements on landscape design principles.

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